Imagine a morning of coffee with your best friend. Good! Now they started talking about everything. It’s been a while since they have seen each other to drink a cup of coffee and chat. They know each other very well, that strong connection that they both have it was what led them to have confidence to take that risk of this great goal to have something of their own. They created their own company.  They can achieve so much. When one of them took the initiative to propose Amandi. A space where you can feel free, and empower others and feel that everything is possible, a place where our dreams are reflected.


Amandi was born



It all started with just a cup of coffee. That drink that many of us is the first of the day. That would be Amandi, they thought! And that will reflect to our customers.


Day by day they gathered in the same café (Luna Coffee Shop) located on a small hole in the big apple of Manhattan, like many of those places that are magical. They met daily before work and began to explore their ideas and vision about what they wanted to create.

We decided to call it that because of the moon that is divine and well represents what Amandi would be. That for both of them it is a symbol of admiration which it is mystery and magical, in all this great path that we are taking baby steps we joined a great friend (graphic designer) when we talked to him about our idea and were able to express our vision, he created the Amandi logo with that blue hue that it was love at first sight!!


Amandi was created by 3 young people eager to overcome with big dreams that will gradually be fulfilled. This is our little story to demonstrate to you that everything that we propose can be achieved.



We are present to empower anyone who acquires our jewelry, not only providing a product with quality, guarantee and excellent service, but also we will be part of the brightness and happiness of your day to day.



Understand the needs of accessories currently aware of the change and Evolution that is always present in fashion. Expand our horizons and reach the heart of our customers around the world.



Ingrid Miller

“Everything that Amandi Jewerly has is amazing, the models and designs they have are feminine and elegant to use every time. In my case I already have a collection of each.”

Kacey Williams

“I love amandi, I am always aware of their new collections to acquire them I have earrings and bracelets that I use daily, I recommend it 100%”

Ivonne Fabre

“I am 50 years old and in fact I have been fascinated with the accessories that Amandi has, they do not irritate the skin and their color remains for life, my earrings are intact and they already have 5 years in my possession. They are the maximum.”